Just For Fun

iOS as post writing platform

This post you current reading was create from iOS.

The creation process consist of several steps , but the whole process is acceptable for me.

Text editing

I use the Apple made Pages App for writing. In my mind the App give me best text editing experience on iOS and working perfectly with iCloud sync. So If my writing was interrupted, I can continue the work on my other device have been setup with Pages App and iCloud.

Basic Web page formatting

Coda is a iOS multifunctional editor APP with basic markdown preview function. I just need copy my writing from pages to Coda so I can preview the final page in the APP.

Article management

My blog site is a Hugo generated static site. These article markdown source files and site template/theme files are stored in a Git repository but the final html files were excluded by gitignore file. I have setup a git hook to generate the final html files on serve. So when I create a new post, I just need commit and push the changes, the site will be auto update by the git hook script.

I have setup a git workspace for the repository on my computer and on my server.


The Coda App again has sftp and ssh function. So I just need put my article markdown file to the git workspace on my server by sftp using Coda and login to the workspace to execute git commit and push command.

Media files

If there are media files need attached to a new post , I have to upload these media files to server and get their URL then use these URL in my markdown source file.