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Nov 28, 2023

At the end of 2311

At the end of the month, I feel I need to write down some achievements of this month. My ai-client app underwent some significant upgrades. For example, the app now has the ability to run entirely locally and features local whisper server based ASR for typing into every other window. After changing the underlying model (from llama2 to OpenOrca), the speed of LLM has improved considerably.

I have added some DIY extensions to my Emacs editor. They are my very first Emacs Lisp programming experience. The functions meet my expectations. However, after reviewing the codes two weeks later, I realized they could work, but lack maintainability and basic organization. I have decided to code using Emacs Lisp only after studying some better projects.

Nonetheless, I have admitted that AI+Editor is an upcoming irreversible trend. Summary; sentences explanation; grammar and spelling checker ; natural AI based TTS read aloud function will be indispensable features of next-generation mainstream editors. Maybe I should write an article in Emacs China online forum, letting other Emacs users take advantage of high extensibility of Emacs with local LLM server before the mainstream.

Another smaller niche area of my geek hobby is "how to better use an E-ink reader in the AI era." Thanks to the dpt-rp1-py1 and pdfannots2 projects, and my local ai-client and Emacs editor, I could turn the almost zero interactive ability plain digital paper device into a much more intelligent laptop reading enhancing device. If finding any article needing focus, I will copy it in to Emacs and use a single Emacs DIY command to sync it into the e-paper device. When reading on the e-paper device, simply mark any unclear sentences or words and type one command on laptop. The explanation will then appear on the device closely following.

All of these geek DIY hobby give me a sense of long absence freedom when faced with computer and digital devices. I feel like not just a consumer, but also a hacker in doing these things. The feeling comes into my body when I found Linux and became passionate about it in high school 20+ years ago. I'm so joyous when it reappears.

  1. https://github.com/janten/dpt-rp1-py 

  2. https://github.com/0xabu/pdfannots 

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