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Dec 25, 2023

SSTP VPN & SoftEther Server

It is extremely challenging to play AOE4 online in China due to the current network conditions. Additionally, Microsoft doesn't have the policy space to operate game servers in China. Although the proxy solution for my home network allows TCP protocol Apps to work flawlessly, AOE4 requires the use of UDP protocol for its networking to function properly.

After carefully examining the available solutions, there are three potential options to tackle this issue. The first one involves using a commercial "game accelerator". The second option is utilizing "sstap" 1, despite it no longer receiving updates. Lastly,the third solution entails enabling a VPN. Personally, I intend to opt for the third choice and work towards establishing my own VPN server.

Now, the question arises: which VPN protocol should I select? ChatGPT has provided me with some recommendations: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVpn, SSTP. Among these protocols, SSTP appears to be a suitable option for my specific requirement of a Windows-only environment. During my search, I came across two open-source SSTP VPN servers on GitHub. The first one is Python-based2, but it lacks proper support for native Windows SSTP VPN clients. However, I then discovered the SoftEtherVPN3 project, which is truly remarkable. If you only want a instantly tutorial, there is one on reddit4. The key step of the tutorial is generate a X.509 certificate that you can install on your system to verify the SSL link between your server and the client operation system.

Originating from Japan, this project has the backing of a Japanese university. Perhaps this is why it possesses a unique and meticulously designed flavor in terms of its interactivity and configuration patterns. Such characteristics are quite uncommon in the present landscape of open-source development.

What a coincidence! Currently, as I am learning to play new Civilizations in the AOE4 game, I happen to be focusing on Japan, a civilization that was recently added through the latest AOE4 DLC called "The Sultans Ascend". In the game, Japan boasts a plethora of uniquely designed technologies that I genuinely enjoy exploring just like the way I enjoy exploring the SoftEther project.

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