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Nov 14, 2023

Start a Blog site again

First, we need to choose a static blog generator. There are two options: 1.weblorg 2. Pelican.


Weblorg is a beautifully written Emacs Lisp project. Its built-in file format is Org-Mode, a first-class format in the Emacs world that hasn't been conquered by Markdown. If Org-Mode is my primary writing format, then Weblorg would undoubtedly be my choice.


Pelican is a modern Python static site generator. In the vibrant world of Python, there are over a dozen static site generators available. This project has thrived since its inception and continues to evolve, showcasing a clear and mature design philosophy1. It supports both Markdown and reStructuredText, a popular content writing format that predates the widespread adoption of Markdown.


I've decided to start with Pelican due to its built-in Markdown support. If the blog continues to grow and I gain more proficiency in Emacs Lisp, migrating to Weblorg might make the site sexy a bit little.

  1. https://docs.getpelican.com/en/latest/internals.html 

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